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Page: BMR of a Citrix Xen 6.0 paravirtualized VM
BMR of a Citrix Xen 6.0 paravirtualized VM Issue A baremetalrestore from a recovery point of a Citrix Xen paravirtualized VM is successful, but the restored machine does not boot properly or does not run in a paravirtualized mode. Output from a HVM machine Output ...
Other labels: disk_safe_3, partition_3, file_system_3, bmr_3, citrix_3, xen_3, pv_3, hvm_3
Page: Restoring File Permissions
Question Are Windows files maintained during File/Folder Restore? And if so, are the file permissions applied during the individual restoration of the files and folders or are they applied at the end of the restoration process? Solution File Restore: CDP 2.x restores Windows file attributes ...
Other labels: file_restore_3, permission_3
Page: Restoring Files to a Smaller Drive
Problem I try to perform a BareMetal Restore to a new drive and I receive an error message similar to: Selected target device is not large enough to contain the source device 250000MB > 249000MB How do I restore my files ...
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