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Page: Database Disk Image Malformed
Symptom Server Backup returns the following error message: "Error Server 11 reset(): database disk image is malformed(11)" This error may be caused by a hardware, file system or Operating System fault causing corruption to the Disk Safe file ...
Other labels: disk, image, malformed, disksafe, hardware, faults
Page: Error restoring MySQL database - MySQLD executable not found!
When restoring a mySQL database, you may encounter the following error: Failed to start temporary database instance MySQLD executable not found! (Path: (deleted) /usr/sbin/mysqld) The CDP agent is unable to determine the path to the mysqld binary. This can ...
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Page: How To - Restore the Server Backup Manager H2 Database from backup
certain scenarios it is possible to damage the Server Backup Manager internal database, resulting in a Backup Manager that fails to start. Causes for H2 database damage include (but are not limited to) disk or file system corruption, memory exhaustion during key transactions ...
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Page: MySQL 5.5.10 - Unable to Find any Databases During Replication
R1Soft is aware of an issue with this specific version of MySQL (5.5.10). During the replication (backup) process we are unable to find any databases and receive the following errors in the CDP Agent logs. 2012XXXX 11:15:54,304 ERROR TASK(daily ...
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