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Page: Database Disk Image Malformed
Symptom Server Backup returns the following error message: "Error Server 11 reset(): database disk image is malformed(11)" This error may be caused by a hardware, file system or Operating System fault causing corruption to the Disk Safe file ...
Other labels: database, image, malformed, disksafe, hardware, faults
Page: The storage cache reported an error reading the native disk
Upon starting a replication the task fails off with the following: The storage cache reported an error reading the native disk at '' Could not read native disk '/genericpath' Warn Server Error in native function (ngetVolume) returned (1) This warning message ...
Other labels: storage, cache, ngetvolume, native
Page: Why is the initial replication taking more space than expected?
Question How much space is the initial replication going to take? Often users are surprised to see their initial backup image taking more space then they expected. Meaning the backup image is larger than the amount of disk usage of the partition they have backed ...
Other labels: disk_safes, storage