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Page: Bare-Metal Restore from an Encrypted Disk Safe
Question Error Message displays when attempting a baremetal restore from an encrypted disk safe Error Messages:            Could not schedule baremetal restore            Failed to send disk safe encryption key to agent            Unable to create disk safe ...
Other labels: bmr, bare_metal_restore, encryption, encrypted, disk_safe, encryption_key
Page: Error restoring MySQL database - MySQLD executable not found!
When restoring a mySQL database, you may encounter the following error: Failed to start temporary database instance MySQLD executable not found! (Path: (deleted) /usr/sbin/mysqld) The CDP agent is unable to determine the path to the mysqld binary. This can ...
Other labels: mysql, database
Page: GPT Support and Bare Metal Restore
Question Does CDP Server support GPT partitions and how would I go about performing a Bare Metal Restore? Solution There are two types of partition tables. Master Boot Record (MBR) and GUID Partition Tables (GPT). CDP ...
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