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Page: Error - InnoDB Restore Fails to Prepare MySQL Instance
When trying to restore a MySQL DB with InnoDB tables in CDP, you receive the following error: 2010Dec28 22:06:35, WARN,Could not stop the mysqld instance 2010Dec28 22:06:35,ERROR,An exception occurred during the request ...
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Page: Error - Restore with Overwrite Files on Drops the Network
I back up a Fedora box. Then choose to do a full system restore to original location and to overwrite files. Once the restore gets to the network related files such as {{/etc/sysconfig/networkscripts/ifcfglo}} the network gets dropped and the restore fails. The OS ...
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Page: File Restore Speed
Question How fast is the Files Restore in CDP 3.0? Is it faster than in CDP 2.x? Answer Using CDP 3 Enterprise Edition (with compression) will take 10 hours to restore 10 Million 1 KB files with a Linux destination for the Restore ...
Page: Restoring File Permissions
Question Are Windows files maintained during File/Folder Restore? And if so, are the file permissions applied during the individual restoration of the files and folders or are they applied at the end of the restoration process? Solution File Restore: CDP 2.x restores Windows file attributes ...
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