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Page: Error - Caused by Java SQL SQLException Database Is Locked
User gets this error with CDP 3 Disk Safe stored on NFS: 20110119 16:31:00,880 ERROR TASK(zimbra backup): Error replicating device / (0714caf7ec474ba183faffabaaee9030) com.r1soft.backup.server.disksafe.blockstore.Rib: Failed to load block store at com.r1soft.backup.server.disksafe.blockstore.Rf.loadDB( at com.r1soft.backup.server.disksafe.blockstore.Rg.openR1DBNativeBlockStore ...
Other labels: disk_safe_3, troubleshoot_3
Page: Error - Linux cdp agent fails with "Floating Point Exception"
Following an update of the Backup Agent software, the cdp process may fail to start due to an incompatible, deprecated system glibc version. The R1Soft Server Backup Agent for release versions greater than 5.12 requires a minimum glibc ...
Other labels: disk_safe_3, troubleshoot_3